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Kataang - A Test of Love Ch.2
Aang could scarcely believe his eyes. She looked just like an Air Nomad. But that's impossible! Aang thought to himself. They... They were all wiped out! Ming smiled and nodded, whistling for her Lemur. In a heartbeat, the female Lemur was by her side, chittering curiously before clamboring up the side of her leg.
"I've heard a great deal about you, Avatar Aang. You brought order back to the world." She strokes her Lemur as she climbs onto her shoulder. All Aang could do was blink, too shocked to respond. She chuckles, "I know you must be confused, But... You aren't really the last Air Nomad. Although... You are the last Airbender."
"But... All Air Nomads know how to Airbend!" Aang remarked, lightly rubbing the top of his bald head.
"Well," Ming began, "my grandparents were very young when the Fire Nation attacked the temple. One of the elders led them underground and hid them away along with a few other children. Lucky for them, the Fire Nation didn't seek them out. But,
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Kataang - Ice Cream by ForeverAvatarded Kataang - Ice Cream :iconforeveravatarded:ForeverAvatarded 11 13 Earthbender Toph by ForeverAvatarded Earthbender Toph :iconforeveravatarded:ForeverAvatarded 7 3 Earthbender Toph WIP by ForeverAvatarded Earthbender Toph WIP :iconforeveravatarded:ForeverAvatarded 2 6
Kataang - A Test of Love Ch.1
It was a cool, spring afternoon, and the gang was was on their way back to the southern Air Temple. The war had been over for many months now, and Aang, being the busy Avatar he was, was taking a little time off to relax. Zuko, however, had opted to stay behind, having some royal business to attend to. As they approached the temple, his smile grew wide.
"Here we are," he said, his voice laden with nostalgia. In his mind, he could still see the Bison and Lemurs flying freely in the sky, but sadly, he knew Momo and Appa were the last of their kind. He heaved a sigh, his heart heavy with long-passed, fond memories. But just as he began to get depressed, he felt a warm hand grip his softly. Glancing up, he stared into Katara's bright blue eyes, her expression soft and cheerful, yet understanding. He smiled back at her, a soft blush touching his cheek as he gently squeezes her hand in response.
Appa slowly lights on the ground, kicking up dirt. The snow had melted and in its place soft, lus
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I missed most of Avatar AU week. I fail. D:

I got started on one, got obsessed with finishing it, took too long...  Ergh. I feel so bad. xD

I hope we have another Kataang week soon. I promise to be more active in it. o^o :D
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Isn't Aang the cutest thing ever?! XD
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Afraid to say that it's on the extreme back-burner... But I do intend to pick it back up once I clear my plate a bit. :P
HollehLeaf Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
umm.. ok ill take that as a 'You will finish it eventually'.
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youre jokes are so funny :lol:
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Thank youuu. Glad you like 'em. :D
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